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Actor JP  Chandrababu Biography Wikipedia.

Actor J. P. Chandrababu's Profile.

J. P. Chandrababu (1926–1974) - Tamil film comedian-actor, singer and dancer, whose chaplin-style on-screen movements and unique singing style, with some humorous yet philosophical Tamil lyrics and a bass voice, made him popular from the late 1940s to the early 1970s. J. P. Chandrababu was often likened to the styles of Jerry Lewis, the famous Hollywood comedian-actor.J. P. Chandrababu's  slapstick style of comedy was then used by later generation actors like Prabhu Deva in Kaadhalan movie. Chandrababu's eloquence in Madras Bashai, a dialect unique to the lower socio-economic status, was incomparable for a long time until Kamal Haasan could do it, a couple of decades later. Many of Chandrababu’s songs have remained popular through the generations to this day - to the old and young alike.


Actor J. P. Chandrababu's Early Life.

J.P Chandrababu was born to a Christian family in 1927 at Tuticorin, India.Actor J. P. Chandrababu's father, a freedom fighter, ran a paper called Sudhandhira Veeran which, along with the family assets, was seized by the British government in 1929 when Actor J. P. Chandrababu was arrested for participating in the satyagraha movement. Actor J. P. Chandrababu and the family were exiled to Colombo, Sri Lanka on his release, where his father worked for a Tamil newspaper. Chandrababu was educated at St. Joseph's College, Colombo and Aquinas College prior to his family moving once more, this time to Chennai in 1943. Here they lived in Triplicane, where his father worked for the Dinamani newspaper.


Actor J. P. Chandrababu's Film Career.

Chandrababu was very passionate about acting despite opposition from his family members. But his friend Ganapathy is only person motivating his acting skills. From his childhood,  J. P. Chandrababu  was expert in singing and whenever he meet his friends or relations they want Chandrababu to sing.  J. P. Chandrababu  had spent many days starving himself and searching for a chance in the film. In 1952 he attempted suicide by ingesting copper sulphate crystals in the canteen of Gemini Studios.  J. P. Chandrababu had written a suicide note explaining his reasons, which included that he had been unable to meet the director S. S. Vasan, and that his body was to be handed over to B. S. Ramaiah, the director of his only film at that date. Suicide was a criminal offence and so he was arrested. but when his case came to trial the judge asked him to prove his acting ability. Chandrababu rendered a Shakespearean monologue that so impressed the judge that he was not jailed.

Chandrababu is also a good singer. Chandrababu used to be a playback singer before singing for himself. Chandrababu lent his voice for S. Balachander for the song Kalyanam Kalyanam... Ullasamagave Ulagathil in Penn and for Sivaji Ganesan for the song Jolly Life Jolly Life in Kalyanam Panniyum Brahmachari .

Chandrababu  sang under almost all of the music directors of the 1950s till 1960s namely T. G. Lingappa, G. Govindarajulu Naidu, S. V. Venkatraman, R. Sudharsanam, Viswanathan Ramamoorthy, G. Ramanathan, S. M. Subbaiah Naidu, S. Rajeswara Rao, T. R. Papa and K. V. Mahadevan.

Chandrababu sang along duets mostly with K. Jamuna Rani and L. R. Eswari. Other singers include A. G. Rathnamala, Jikki, A. P. Komala, T. M. Soundararajan, P. B. Sreenivas, A. L. Raghavan, P. Suseela, P. Leela, Soolamangalam Rajalakshmi and Manorama.