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Akshata Kuki is a promising new comer in the Kannada film industry. She became famous in recent years due to her photoshoot and caught the attention of film makers in South India. She has managed to get decent offers in Kannada and Tamil films. In most of the movies, she is seen playing supporting roles like sister or friend to the main character.

Akshata Kuki

Akshata did not have any background when she wanted to enter the film industry. She was not even from Bangalore where most film makers have their office and establishment. As she hailed from a remote place in Karnataka, it was very difficult for her to get in touch with film makers.


Akshata Kuki was born in 1997 in Dandeli region of Uttara Karnataka. Akshata Kuki’s current age is 25 years.

Wiki | Biography

Akshata Kuki belongs to a middle class family based in the northern part of Karnataka. Her hometown Dandeli is a very scenic place and is well known for its popular shooting locations. Akshata completed her education in Dandeli and later decided to move to Bangalore in search of opportunities in the fashion and film industry.

She got good support from her parents who encouraged her aspirations right from a young age. She was groomed well and got proper training in dancing and other skills needed for the film industry. After entering the fashion industry in Bangalore, she was able to make a mark for herself with her attractive photoshoots. She regularly uploads her photos on Instagram and Facebook and has a decent fan following among the youth.


Akshata Kuki hails from a Hindu family based in Dandeli. Her father works for a government organization in Dandeli. Akshata’s mother is also a government employee in the Uttara Karnataka region. She has siblings in her hometown. However, she has not revealed much details about her family life.

Boyfriend, Husband

Akshata Kuki’s relationship status is single. She is not yet married and wants to continue the focus on her career in the film industry. She has plans to get married after few years. However, there are some rumours that she has a boyfriend who is also a part of the film and fashion industry. But she has not revealed any information in this regard.

Physical Appearance

Akshata Kuki is very beautiful. She has attractive facial features and is known for her modeling assignments. She is slightly short and her height is around 5.2 feet. She has a medium built and weighs around 60 kgs. She has medium length black hair and she colours it sometimes depending on the photoshoot.


Akshata Kuki started her career by working as a model for small assignments in Bangalore. She moved to the capital city after completing her graduation in her hometown. She was able to get good opportunities in the modeling industry and developed contacts in the film industry. As she has the right looks and decent acting skills, she got small roles in films.

She has acted in many Kannada films in supporting roles. She did not get lengthy characters but was able to make an impression with the small roles she got on screen. She is mostly given the sister role of the hero or heroine. In other case, she is playing the friend role for the heroine or other lead characters in the movie.

Net Worth

The net worth of Akshata Kuki is less than $1 million. She is an upcoming actress and getting good opportunities in the film industry. She has done many Kannada films and is also part of reality shows in television industry. She has her own house in North Karnataka and owns a car in Bangalore.

Facts and Information

Akshata Kuki is trying hard to stay for a long time in the Bigg Boss program. She has developed a good fan base among the youth with her attractive photoshoot. Her Instagram page is managed by her friends and family members as she is staying in Bigg Boss house.

She has also acted in many Tamil movies in supporting roles. Interestingly, she is getting good offers from the television industry. However, she wants to focus on the film industry as she is still young and has the looks of a heroine.

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