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Anusha Dhayanidhi is a well known business person and singer from Chennai. She is the wife of Azagiri Dhayanidhi who is closely related to Karunanidhi. Anusha’s father is Azagiri who is an active politician in Tamil Nadu. Anusha is also a singer and is well known for her unique singing style.

Anusha Dhayanidhi

She was first noticed in the film industry when she sang the song Balle Laka for the movie Mankatha. The movie which was released in the year 2011 became a huge hit and it had very good songs by legendary music director Yuvan Shankar Raja. She sang only one song in the movie but it became a huge hit among the audience.


Anusha Dhayanidhi was born on the 26th of July 1988 in Chennai region of Tamil Nadu. Anusha Dhayanidhi’s current age is 35 years.

Wiki | Biography

Anusha Dhayanidhi was born and brought up in Chennai. She did her primary education from a local school. She was interested in music from a young age and got training from professionals during her school days. She slowly developed interest in singing and learnt contemporary and classical music from renowned professionals.

Meanwhile, she also joined a law college and completed her graduation in Chennai to become an advocate. After that, she also entered the film industry through the movie Mankatha which was produced by her husband in the year 2011. She sang one song in the movie and it was well received by the audience.


Anusha Dhayanidhi belongs to a rich family based in Chennai. Her father is a well known businessman and her mother is a home maker. She has few siblings. However, she has not revealed much details about her family members. It is well known that she is related to Tamil Nadu CM Stalin.

Boyfriend, Husband

Anusha Dhayanidhi is married to Azagiri Dhayanidhi. The couple got married in the year 2010 and they have a son. Her son’s name is Rudra Dev and he is studying in Chennai. Anusha’s husband is the grandson of Karunanidhi who ruled the state as Chief Minister for many years.

Physical Appearance

Anusha Dhayanidhi looks very cute and has homely appearance. She has dusky complexion and good smile. She stands tall at 5.4 feet and weighs around 55 kgs. She has long black hair and is usually seen in traditional costumes during her public appearances.


Anusha Dhayanidhi started singing at a young age during her college days. She learnt music in a professional manner and became proficient in both classical as well as contemporary form of music. She even gave few stage shows during her college days and good appreciation for her singing skills.

After getting married to Azagiri Dhayanidhi in the year 2010, she made her debut as a singer in the Tamil film industry. Interestingly, the movie Mankatha was produced by her husband in the year 2011. As the movie had very good songs by Yuvan Shankar, she decided to use that opportunity to make her singing debut.

Net Worth

The net worth of Anusha Dhayanidhi is around $10 million. She  hails from a rich family and has lots of ancestral property. She is married to businessman who is the grandson of ex Chief Minister Karunanidhi. She owns many properties in Chennai and other cities. She has a good collection of luxury vehicles.

Facts and Information

Anusha Dhayanidhi is a multi talented person and she is also a qualified advocate. She is well known for her unique singing style and got good remarks for her performance in Yuvan Shankar’s song.

However, Anusha did not continue singing as she wanted to pay attention to her husband and son after getting into married life. She was supporting her husband in the film distribution and production activities.

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