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Apurvamuni Swami
Apurvamuni Swami

Who is Apurvamuni Swami?

Apurvamuni Swami is a Motivational Speaker and Social Reformer from Akshardham, BAPS(Bochasanwasi Akshar Purushottam Sanstha) Swaminarayan Mandir. Apurvamuni Swami is the Swami of a Baps Sanstha.

Apurvamuni Swami Wikipedia | Biography | Introduction:

Apurvamuni Swami Biography

Apurvamuni Swami is an Engineer from Gujrat. He has been a speaker at various seminars in India, The United States of America(U.S.A), Australia, Europe, England & New Zealand. Motivational and Inspirational Speaker, discuss different subjects for example, Proactive and Ethics. He has spoken on topics such as – Stress Management in daily life, Ethics in Profession, Attitude – The Master Key, Character – Home of Happiness, Work-Life balance, and more.

The Swaminarayan BAPS Sanstha is a spiritual, volunteer-driven association committed to improving society through individual development by encouraging the Hindu goals of confidence, solidarity, and magnanimous administration.

Apurvamuni Swami wikipedia

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  1. jai swaminarayan ni jay
    swami ji tamari speecho sambhali ne mane khubaj aanad male che maru name HITENDRABHAI ASHVINBHAI PATEL CHHE VALSAD NO DULSAD GAMNO REHAVASI CHHU. mare tamne malvu chhe ane samsia nu samadhan levu chhe

  2. Param Pujya Apurva Swami,
    Jai shree Swaminarayan. With due hopes, I am opening up myself. I am a Swaminarayan Bhakt and I am a student in Canada. I don’t want to disclose my identity.
    Swami, I am 24 years old and I have helped thousands of slum students by providing them education and making them read and write. Whether it be government school or roadside, I have provided them education for 4 years consistently. je mara co-mates che emne pan help karvama koi kasar rakhi nathi. Jyare jyare jene jene jarur padi che tyare tyare ene ene madad kari che. Pan end ma evuj thay che that ej loko mane sambdai jaye che that tu avo che, tu selfish che, tu khali potanu jove che. Hu emni madad ni koij asha nathi rakhot toh pan aa vastu thai rahi che. Mara friends nathi banta, mari sathe ubha rehva wada ghana ocha che. Hu daru nathi pito, smoke nathi karto, non veg pan nathi khato. Shikshapatri ne follow karvano try karu chu, pan hu khush nathi. ekla ekla besi rehvanu gamva mandyu che. koi sathe ave, call kare, video call kare toh pan chid thava lagi che.
    YouTube par ghana vidoes joya personality development na, pan kaij kam nathi kari rahyu. please please please mane thodu guidance apo tamara video through. I will wait for your answer swami, in next video.

    Your stauch follower,
    Anonymous Anonymous

  3. You have mentioned very interesting details! ps nice web site. “In music, the passions enjoy themselves.” by Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche.

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