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Babu Raoji Shah is an individual who is currently in the news for raising his objections against the latest movie Gangubai Kathiyawadi. He has considered the movie highly insensitive to his mother’s memory and has put a strain on the adopted family.

Babu Raoji Shah

He is currently pursuing this case in the Bombay High Court and searching for justice to her mother’s memory. They have denied all the rumors and claims about her mother’s salacious past. According to them, she was just a pure-hearted woman who worked for the upliftment of women in society.

This biography goes over Babu Rao Ji’s life and childhood with Gangubai herself. You will learn about his journey from being an orphan, how he found the love of his life and the struggle they have had to face due to the film being released.

Biography| Wiki

Babu Raoji Shah is a man who had been orphaned in his early childhood itself; subsequently, there is little record of his birth date. However, we know that he was in the area of Kamithapura in the early 60s. There is little information about his education due to him being under the radar for decades.

He is a man of strength and follows the religion of Hinduism as his primary source of dharma. He has often sought spiritual guidance and believes karma is an important part of life philosophy. For him, the enduring symbol of light and idol to strive for is Gangubai.

Full NameBabu Raoji Shah
Date of BirthNA
Zodiac sign / Sun signNA
Famous ForNA
Educational QualificationsNA
Years ActiveNA

Family, Marriage, Relationships

Babu Raoji Shah had a painful early childhood before Gangubai Harjivandas adopted him. Her mother was the Madam of Kamathipura, and they lived in a small room at the 12th lane of their neighborhood for years.

He saw her mother as a woman of incredible fierceness when it comes to protecting people as a social worker. Babu Raoji also saw a woman of sensitivity and grace; she exuded to everyone around her. He was even inspired by her leadership qualities which led to her meeting Jawaharlal Nehru and discussing real people’s issues.

He fell in love with one of the adopted children-Shakuntala, Ranjit Kawi, and they have been married for more than two decades. They had a beautiful daughter named Bharti, who they love very much. All the adopted children are an incredibly tight-knit family who lives under the grace of one woman- Gangubai.  

Father NameNot Known
Mother NameNot Known
Siblings NameNot Known


Physical Appearance

Babu Raoji Shah is a man in his mid-50s with fair skin, medium cut hair, a prominent mustache, and a small belly. Raoji Shah is 6 feet tall and weighs 90 kg. His eyes are black in the shade, and there is a strong sparkle in them. Raoji is a man of extreme grit and tenacity as he carries as might in his personality, which suits his demeanor.


Babu Raoji Shah’s career is a businessman; however, there is not much information about him in the public domain. There is no information available on the internet because the family doesn’t like the spotlight. There has been some speculation that they are fairly wealthy and have made a good amount of money.

Their professional lives have been turned upside down due to the Gangubai film getting a major release. He has claimed to be having to move across cities and change their homes due to constant harassment by neighborhoods. It has affected their professional lives, and with the pandemic, they’ve had to take some losses on their business.

Net Worth

According to the chatter that there is on the internet, the Net worth of Babu Raoji Shah is about five crore rupees. Much of the primary wealth comes from all the Gangubai’s ancestral property and land passed down to the kids. What all other sources of Babu Raoji are currently unknown. The tight-knit family believes in sharing the wealth, and together their wealth is stronger than ever.

Facts and Information

  • Babu Raoji was adopted in the 1960s and was given home education by Gangubai.
  • The family in recent times has sprung under the limelight due to their grievances against the makers of Gangubai Kathiawadi.
  • They have asked for a stay on the release of the movies, but the Bombay High Court has provided interim relief to the makers.
  • Baby Raoji has firmly rejected the notion that her mother was a prostitute and said that she was firmly a social worker.
  • They have been fighting against the release of the movie every since they got to know that this film was being shot in 2020

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