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Gopal Jee is known for youngest scientist in India. he born in poor family in Naugachiya block of Bhagalpur district in Bihar. in year 2016, he has invented banana bio cell which can generate 12 volts of electricity. he put his innovation in school and district level science fair and then he got appropriation for this. he was only 16 year old when he discover this new innovation. some people believe that this is not new innovation but people also like to known as youngest science of India. he also got many award from Government of India. He also reject NASA offer for working and helping to India with his talent. He also reject many good offer from different country. he always say that My country have give me lots of things and i always want to work for my country. He also run some mentoring event with different school and organization.

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Gopal Jee History.

Gopal Jee who born in poor family in Bihar. his father is farmer and doing Banan farming. in very old days Gopal also helped to his father in farming in their free time. one day he saw something on Banan tree and he click his first idea about to invent electricity from Banana tree. he was in 8th standard when he got this idea then years of hard work finally hot got what he was looking for and then he show his innovation in science fair. from their has changed Gopal life and then after that he did some other innovation. he has also got patent for his innovation. Prime Minister of India Mr Narendra Modi was very impressed with his innovation and give him opportunity work in one of the very famous research lab at’ National Innovation Foundation Ahmedabad ‘ .

Gopal Jee Family

his father is farmer his name is Prem ranjan and mother is house wife. he has 2 younger brother who study in school.

Gopal Jee Innovation List

Banana Bio cell(Patent #: 16/676,566)(electrical science)

●Paper Bio Cell (Patent #: 17/678,467)( electrical science)

●Goponium Alloy(Work in Progress) (material Science)

●G-Star Powder (Work in Progress) (material Science)

●Hydroelectric Bio Cell (Work in Progress) (water Science)

●Solar Mile(Work in Progress)(Solar Science)

● Gopa-alaska(Work in Progress) ( nuclear science)

● BNC & BNF ( Work in Progress) (biotechnology science)

● Pseudo Plastic(Work in Progress)

Gopal Jee bio

real name Gopal
Nick name Gopal
Father name Prem ranjan Kumar
Uncle Mano ranjan Kumar
Teacher name Chandan Kumar Thankur
Eyes colourBlack
hair colourBlack
Girl Friend NA
WorkingNational Innovation Foundation Ahmedabad
First Innovation Generate electricity from banana tree
Other Innovation Wokring on many other innovation

Gopal Jee Award List

5. PRIDE OF BHAGALPUR 2017 & 2018

Gopal Jee Social Media

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