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Jayashree Aradhya is a popular upcoming actress from Karnataka. She has already acted in few Kannada movies and is also well known for participating in the Bigg Boss program. The actress and model is known for being the relative of popular character artist in Kannada industry. She also owns a salon business in Bangalore and planning to expand it into different cities.

Jayashree Aradhya

Jayashree Aradhya was first seen in the film industry in the movie Puttaraju Lover of Shashikala. The romantic entertainer got good attention from the young audience and she became well known for her facial expressions and acting skills. She played the lead role in the movie alongside other newcomers in the film industry.


Jayashree Aradhya was born on the 9th of April 1999 in Bangalore Karnataka. Jayashree Aradhya’s current age is 23 years.

Wiki | Biography

Jayashree Aradhya was born and brought up in Bangalore. She did her primary education from KLE Society School in her hometown. After that, she took up dancing classes at a young age as she hails from a family of actors. Her grandmother was a character artist and this influenced her to take up this profession after she grew up.

Jayashree joined Nijalingappa College in Karnataka to complete her graduation. She wanted to start her independent life after college and got into business. Unfortunately, she got into drinking habit and also got addicted to gambling. She lost lot of money and time in such problems and also had an affair with a married person during that period.


Jayashree Aradhya hails from a Hindu family based in Bangalore. Her father works as a businessman in Karnataka and his name is Madesh. Her mother is a homemaker and she has supported Jayashree during her tough times. Jayashree also has a younger brother who is studying in college. Her grandmother is character artist Sarojamma.

Boyfriend, Husband

Jayashree Aradhya is not married. However, she is in a relationship with Steven Lobo who works in the Salon business. Other than that, she had a relationship with a married person when she was in college. However, she faced many problems and was addicted to gambling and drinking at that time. She finally managed to come out of that in recent years.

Physical Appearance

Jayashree Aradhya has a cute face and a very good smile. She is known for her attractive structure. Even though her height is only 5.2 feet, she has a suitable personality for that height and weighs around 55 kgs. She is known for her glamorous appeal and is usually seen in western outfits in social media pages. She has straight medium-length hair and many tattoos on her body.


Jayashree started her career as a model and worked for small fashion shoots in Bangalore. In the early days of her career, she was not too keen on the film industry and tried to do business on her own without the support of her family. She got into gambling addiction and also suffered from liquor addiction problems at this stage.

As she faced lot of problems, she decided to get out of the situation and her family helped her to deal with the issue. Her grandmother was famous as Marimuttu who had acted in Upendra movie. She was also member of Domestic Workers Union in the state and was leading the organization for many years.

Net Worth

The net worth of Jayashree Aradhya is around $2 million. She is a model and has also worked as an actress in the Kannada film industry. Apart from that, she is also involved in the salon business in Bangalore and earns money from multiple ventures. She owns few luxury cars and has properties in Bangalore and other cities of Karnataka.

Facts and Information

Jayashree Aradhya has managed to survive the initial few eliminations in the Bigg Boss show and looks likely to lead other contestants in the next few months. She has a good following among the family audience as she has acted in movies.

Not many people know that she was also part of television industry for a brief period. Jayashree was seen in few episodes of Geetha and this got her good popularity among the family audience in Karnataka and other regions.

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