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Karthik Gopinath is a popular Youtuber from Tamil Nadu. Karthik Gopinath recently became famous for his involvement in a case of raising money for temples and misusing them for own purpose. The Tamil Nadu police claimed that he raised about Rs 40 lakhs for the renovation of Kali Temple in Siruvachor and used the money for his own purpose.

Karthik Gopinath

Interestingly, Karthik Gopinath had not taken permission from the Endowment department for the construction of a temple and managed to raise funds through the online portal Milaap. However, he got bail in the case in 2022 and is currently fighting the case. He had previously made videos accusing the ruling government of various issues.

Viewers feel that this is a political battle between DMK and BJP as Karthik is a known supporter of Hindu ideology and has extended his support to Annamalai in the state. Karthik has posted many videos accusing the DMK government about various social issues and this has taken a serious turn in recent months.


Karthik Gopinath was born in 1989 in Chennai region of Tamil Nadu. Karthik Gopinath’s current age is 33 years.

Wiki | Biography

Karthik Gopinath was born and brought up in Chennai. He completed his primary education at Kendriya Vidyalaya School which is based in Avadi. From a very young age, he was inclined towards right-wing ideology due to the atmosphere in the family. This shaped his thinking process in the long run.

He later joined Velammal Engineering College to complete his graduation in Chennai. Not stopping at that, he even enrolled for MA course and completed his graduation in economics. He also joined distance learning and completed his MSc graduation in Geography. In this way, Karthik Gopinath has done lot of courses and focused on education from a young age.

Karthik later became involved in Youtube channel of his own and started promoting content related to Hindu culture. He was making videos in English during the early stages of his career to have a wider reach. However, most of his fans were from Tamil Nadu and he switched to local language over the years in the same channel.


Karthik Gopinath belongs to a traditional Hindu family based in Chennai. His father is Sundereshan who worked for a Bank and retired recently. His mother worked as a principal for a local school in Chennai. There is no information about his siblings and other family members.

Girlfriend, Wife, Relationships

Karthik Gopinath has not revealed his relationship status to the media. He is very private about such aspects of his life. He is very active on various topics related to politics and other religious concepts but does not discuss his family life with the media.

Physical Appearance

Karthik looks handsome and has the typical boy next door looks. He stands tall at 5.5 feet and weighs around 65 kgs. Karthik Gopinath is usually seen with a moustache and small beard in most of his videos and public appearances. He also wears a tilak most of the time due to his religious belief in Hindu culture.


Karthik Gopinath was interested in Hindu culture since a young age and participated in various debates during his college and school days. After completing his graduation, he started his Youtube channel titled Ilaya Bharatham. This was started in 2009 and he also worked at Kingmaker IAS Academy in Chennai for training UPSC students.

Apart from that, Karthik was also associated with Victory Academy in Chennai to train the UPSC aspirants. His father has revealed that Karthik is interested in research and has done lot of work to pull out exciting content for his channel. He is usually seen posting videos supporting Hindu culture and also includes political views to promote BJP in the state.

Karthik Gopinath wanted to take the concept of Hindu culture to a wider audience and made videos in English language in the early stages of his career. After the BJP came to power in the central government, he shifted to local language and saw an opportunity to build the Tamil Nadu audience for his channel.

Net Worth

The net worth of Karthik Gopinath is around $1 million. His father had recently mentioned in an interview that Karthik earns about 5 lakh rupees every month through Youtube videos. Apart from that, he also has other investments and businesses in Chennai and other regions of Tamil Nadu. He owns a house and luxury car in Chennai.

Facts and Information

Karthik Gopinath used Milaap fundraiser to collect money for the temple. It is said that he collected more than 40 lakh rupees for the project and had not used the money according to rules of the government.

He got close to Tamil BJP leaders due to his videos and even got an opportunity to meet Amit Shah when he visited Chennai in 2022.

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