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Khaby Lame is a social media star from Italy. He is originally from Senegal but his parents settled down in Italy when he was very young. Khaby Lame is still not a citizen of Italy and is living as an expat since the last twenty years. However, the government of Italy is likely to provide him citizenship soon considering his soaring popularity in the digital world.

Khaby Lame

Khaby Lame is the full name of this big star who has more than 100 million followers on Tik Tok. He is currently the best creator on this platform with a maximum number of followers. He rose to fame in recent years with his unique content where he is seen mocking many other life hack videos that are posted online.


Khaby Lame was born on the 9th of March 2000 in Senegal. Khaby Lame’s current age is 23 years.

Wiki | Biography

Khaby Lame hails from a poor family based in Italy. He was born in Senegal and his parent relocated to Chivasso region in Italy. During his childhood, he completed his primary education in local schools in Italy. However, he was later admitted to an Islamic school in Dakar when he was in teenager.

Khaby is not well educated but has good experience in life. Khaby Lame used to work as a CNC operator for a long period to support his family. However, the factory he was working had to shut down in 2020 due to Covid restrictions. This became the turning point in his life as he lost his job and had to do something to get additional income.

He became active on Tiktok and started posting many short videos that entertained people. Khaby Lame made dance and other funny videos. However, he later used duet feature and started posting videos about life hacks that could be done in a simple manner. This got his good fame and he started attracting huge audience within few months.


He hails from a conservative Muslim family based in Italy. His father works at a small firm and his mother is a homemaker. Khaby Lame has three siblings. He has not disclosed much information about his family members to the media.

Girlfriend, Wife

Khaby Lame is engaged to Zaira Nucci. He got engaged in 2020 and is likely to get married in the next few years. He is currently focusing on his career and wants to settle down within the next few years.

Physical Appearance

Khaby Lame looks very charming with expressive eyes and cute smile. He is of African origin and his height is around 5.9 feet. He has a slim outlook and weighs around 75 kgs. He is a fitness enthusiast and works out regularly to maintain his health. He is usually seen in casual clothing in most of his videos and public appearances.


Khaby Lame started working since a young age to support his family. He did many odd jobs during his college days. After that, he joined a factory in Turin region and worked as a CNC operator for many years. Unfortunately, he lost his job during the Covid pandemic as his factory had to be closed due to restrictions.

This was a huge blow to his earnings and he started using Tiktok at this phase. Khaby Lame made some dance videos in the early stages of his career in social media. This did not get much response from the audience. After that, he made funny videos about watching video games and this also did not take off in the expected manner.

Net Worth

The net worth of Khaby Lame is around $3 million. He has millions of followers of social media platforms and is one of the most popular celebs on Tik tok. He earns a lot through brand promotions and has partnered with many international brands. He owns many luxury vehicles and properties in Milan and other regions of Italy.

Facts and Information

Khaby Lame follows Islam seriously and he also does Namaz and reads Quran regularly. He studied in an Islamic school during his childhood and this had a good effect on his overall personality.

He does not have Italian citizenship and said in an interview that he is connected with the country even without that status. He has stayed in Italy ever since he was one year old and is attached to the nation. He is likely to get citizenship soon by the government.

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