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Kiran Yogeshwar is an upcoming actress and model based in Bangalore. She hails from Rajasthan and has moved to Bengaluru to make a career in the film and entertainment industry. Kiran became famous allover Karnataka after she got selected as a contestant for the Bigg Boss show. The Kannada reality show is very famous and has huge audience among youngsters and family audience.

Kiran Yogeshwar

Even though she is not fluent with the Kannada language, is able to manage the communication with her talent. She is from Rajasthan and moved to Bangalore during her teenage to build a career in entertainment industry. After working as a model for many years, she was able to get a break in the Kannada film industry in recent years with a special song.


Kiran Yogeshwar was born in 1998 in Khulna region near Jaipur, Rajasthan. Kiran Yogeshwar’s current age is 24 years.

Wiki | Biography

Kiran Yogeshwar was born and brought up in a remote village in Rajasthan. She hails from a poor family and her parents had planned to get her married in her childhood itself as it was a practice in the local region. However, Kiran was determined to avoid getting into such trap and decided to work even when she was a child.

At a young age, she has even worked at a hotel to support her family. She worked hard to survive in those years and managed to save some money to get basic education. She is not well educated due to her financial condition, but she has managed to open a startup in 2022 which sells dry fruits and other healthy snacks online.


Kiran Yogeshwar belongs to a Hindu family based in Rajasthan. However, she stays away from her family alone in Bangalore due to work commitments and other issues. She is a self made woman and does not talk much about her parents and other siblings in front of the media. She moved out of home at a young age and built her career on her own without any support.

Boyfriend, Husband

Kiran Yogeshwar’s relationship status is single. She is not yet married and wants to focus on her booming career in the entertainment industry. However, there are rumours that she has a boyfriend who belongs to the film and entertainment industry. But Kiran has not revealed the name of her boyfriend and other details about their relationship.

Physical Appearance

Kiran Yogeshwar is known for her bold and beautiful appearance on screen. She is not hesitant to do glamourous roles in front of the camera. She stands tall at 5.4 feet and has a natural slim outlook. She weighs around 50 kgs and has dusky complexion. Her biggest attraction is her big eyes and attractive structure. She has many tattoos on her body. She is also a fitness enthusiast and works out in the gym to maintain her figure.


Kiran Yogeshwar started working at a young age in order to support her family. She belongs to a poor family based in Rajasthan and had a tough time to survive during her childhood days due to poverty. She had to work at a hotel for few years in order to earn money for her family and she could not even complete her education due to this reason.

However, Kiran was determined to avoid getting married in her teenage and moved to Bangalore in search of work. In the initial days, she did small jobs to support herself and later decided to try her hand at modeling. As she had good looks, it was not a big problem for her to get good opportunities in the industry. She soon became a well known name in the modeling field in Bangalore and other regions of South India.

Net Worth

The net worth of Kiran Yogeshwar is around $1 million. She has worked in the entertainment industry since many years and has made a good name for herself in the dance and acting skills. Apart from that, she also heads a food based startup in Bengaluru. She earns money from modeling and other assignments. She has a home in Bengaluru and Jaipur. She owns a luxury car and two wheelers.

Facts and Information

Kiran Yogeshwar was eliminated from Bigg Boss at an early stage in the year 2022. However, there are rumours that she would be recalled again at a later stage as a wild card entry to spice up the show.

Kiran is very popular in social media due to her exciting photoshoots. She is a model and has a toned structure to attract the young audience. She regularly posts interesting pictures from her modeling assignments to keep her fans engaged.

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