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Lawrence Bishnoi is a gangster who hails from Punjab region. He has many criminal cases against him across the country. According to police reports, he was involved in the killing of singer Moosawala in recent months. Apart from that, he had openly issued threats to Salman Khan to kill him.

Lawrence Bishnoi

He got involved in criminal activities since his college days and was later involved in killings of many people. He has many cases filed against him across North India. He has also collected money from businessman by threatening to kill them. Currently, he is in jail for the killing of Moosawala and other cases.


Lawrence Bishnoi was born in February 1992 in Punjab region of India. Lawrence Bishnoi’s current age is 30 years.

Wiki | Biography

Lawrence Bishnoi hails from a Sikh family based in Punjab. He completed his primary education from Sachkhand Convent School in his hometown. After that, he was part of DAV School for a few years. He later completed his graduation from DAV College. According to some sources, he even attended Punjab University for a few years.

Interestingly, he was involved in student politics during his college days and got into lot of trouble. He was even arrested in college for his aggressive behaviour when he lost the elections at one time. He got into criminal activities at this stage and later became a notorious gangster in the Punjab and Rajasthan region.

He is famous for threatening actor Salman Khan in the black buck killing case. He had openly claimed in front of the media that he would kill the actor some day to revenge the death of the animal which is considered very pious in their community. He had even tried to kill the actor according to police reports.


Lawrence Bishnoi hails from a Sikh family based in Punjab. His father is Lavinder Singh and mother Sunitha. Interestingly, his father was a police constable and also did farming activities in his hometown. he also has a brother named Anmol Bishnoi.

Wife, Girlfriend

Lawrence Bishnoi is currently single. He is not married and wants to remain single due to his criminal activities. However, he has maintained that he respects women and wants to protect them.

Physical Appearance

Lawrence Bishnoi looks very handsome. He stands tall at 5.9 feet and weighs around 80 kgs. He has a muscular built and works out regularly to maintain his body. He was also involved in wrestling during his college days. He has  short hair style and maintains a moustache and small beard most of the time.


Lawrence  Bishnoi became involved in criminal activities during his college days. He got good support from Deora Singh who was already an established criminal. In the early stages of his criminal life, he was involved in stealing vehicles.

He got in touch with other criminals and established his gang that were involved in killings, extortion and many other illegal activities. He had run away to Nepal once and this caused lot of problems for his arrest.

Even after he was sent to jail, he stayed in touch with his associates and contacted them through illegal phones. In this way, he established his empire even while sitting in jail and got many people killed in North India region.

He has openly issued threats to actor Salman Khan and the police are investigating the case. He claims that he is involved in social service and inspired by Bhagat Singh and other leaders of the past. He has directly agreed to his involvement in the killing of Sidhu Mosawala in recent months.

Net Worth

The net worth of Lawrence Bishnoi is around $4 million. He has lots of ancestral property in the Punjab region. Apart from that, he has earned money through illegal dealings and criminal activities according to police reports. He owns many luxury vehicles and has bulletproof vehicles also in his collection.

Facts and Information

Lawrence was named by his mother as he looked very fair when he was born. Even though he belongs to a Sikh family, he got a Christian name for this reason. Lawrence meant milky and he was given this name.

He is very close to Sikh religion and often reads the religious texts even when he is in jail. He has maintained his fitness with regular workout and this has surprised many people including the police.

He treats his friends like his family and has avenged many of their killings from other gangs. As of now, he has more than 50 cases against him and currently spending time in Tihar jail.

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