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Nishana Nichu is an upcoming social media influencer based in Kerala. She has become very famous in recent years due to her short videos on Instagram and Youtube. Nishana Nichu is also well known for hosting live programs on Youtube where she interacts with her fans in an exciting manner. She is often known for her glamorous appeal in those videos.

Nishana Nichu

On the professional front, she is trying to establish a name for herself in the media industry with her short videos. Nishana Nichu often presents cooking videos on Youtube which get decent appreciation from her fans. She is usually seen in casual homely dress which is her main appeal. Nishana looks like the regular housewife with lots of glamour appeal.

She has managed to get few thousand fans on Instagram in recent months. Apart from her reels performance, she is also known for her Youtube videos and live cam shows. Some people have trolled her badly for her erotic behaviour in those videos. However, she is not concerned about these things and trying to get the best publicity for her performance.


Nishana Nichu was born around 1980 in Kerala, India. Nishana Nichu’s current age is around 42 years.

Wiki | Biography

Nishana Nichu belongs to Kerala and she completed her primary education from her hometown. She was interested in acting since a young age but she could not get the suitable opportunities due to her family background and financial status. Nishana Nichu managed to complete her basic education but did not study further due to unknown reasons.

She got married at a young age and had two daughters from the relation. Nishana Nichu has not revealed much information about her husband but sources say that they got divorced long back due to difference of opinion on various issues. She is currently staying alone with her two children and trying to make a name for herself in the entertainment industry.

Nishana became very active on social media when Tik Tok was famous in India. She had a decent following on this platform and used to provide regular entertainment to her fans through her short and hot videos. However, after this platform was banned in India, she moved to Instagram reels and Youtube short videos to keep in touch with her fans.


Nishana Nichu hails from a middle class family based in Kerala. Her father worked for a small company and her mother was a house wife. She has few siblings who live in Kerala and Dubai. However, she has not revealed much information about her family members to the media.

Boyfriend, Husband

She is currently single according to sources. However, Nishana Nichu was earlier married and got separated due to various reasons. She has two daughters and she has posted few pictures on her social media page along with her children. There are no rumours about her affair with other people from the entertainment industry.

Physical Appearance

Nishana Nichu is known for her beautiful face. Even though she is very chubby, she has many fans for her natural beauty. She stands tall at 5.4 feet and weighs around 65 kgs. Nishana Nichu has big eyes and looks very beautiful in modern and traditional costumes. She has medium length hair and a bulky personality.


Nishana Nichu started her career in the entertainment industry with short videos on Tik Tok during 2018. She managed to get a good following within a short duration of time. She had close to one lakh followers on this platform when it was at its peak before it got banned in the country. After that, she became active on Instagram.

The success graph of Nishana Nichu slowed down after Tik Tok was removed from the app store and she had to work hard to get good followers on Instagram. She has managed to get few thousand followers on this platform with lots of videos and reels. However, the growth is not as per her expectation and she is trying hard to acquire more fans.

Net Worth

The net worth of Nishana Nichu is less than $1 million. She is an upcoming social media influencer and has recently accumulated few thousand fans on different platforms. Nishana Nichu is talented and has good growth due to her beautiful appearance. She currently stays in her house in Kerala and owns a car.

Facts and Information

Nishana Nichu is divorced and has mentioned that she has no intentions of getting married at this age. She is happy with her single life and is enjoying a comfortable time with her two daughters in Kerala.

She loves to travel and has often posted her travel videos with her friends. Nishana Nichu has made short videos on popular tourist destinations in Kerala and surrounding places.

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