Pandit Ashok Bharathi Age, Wiki, Biography, Family, Contact Number, Height

Pandit Ashok Bharathi is a well-known astrologer and numerologist from Chennai. He is famous for hosting live phone in shows regarding astrological queries on television channels and social media channels.  He has a good following among Tamil-speaking people around the world and gets calls from Singapore, Malaysia, and all over Tamil Nadu.

Pandit Ashok Bharathi

He also runs his astrological consultancy business in Chennai. There is a huge demand for his consultancy and followers usually book the slot in advance to get an appointment with Ashok Bharati. He has also won many awards for his contribution to the field of numerology and astrology in Tamil Nadu.


Pandit Ashok Bharathi was born around 1960 in Tamil Nadu. Pandit Ashok Bharathi’s current age is around 60 years.

Wiki | Biography

Pandit Ashok Bharathi was born and brought up in Tamil Nadu. His parents were from a village near Chennai and they later moved to Chennai. Ashok Bharathi completed his schooling and college education in Chennai. He was involved in religious activities since his childhood due to the influence of his parents and other family members.

After getting a good hold of astrology, he started working as an independent consultant. He later started numerology related programs and this became a huge hit on television. He is well known even today for his live phone in shows where callers ask him queries regarding their astrology related problems.


Pandit Ashok Bharathi was born in a middle class family in Tamil Nadu. His father had a small business and also worked as a pandit. His mother is a housewife. He has brothers and sisters in Tamil Nadu. Many of his family members were into religious activities and worked for temples.

Wife, Girlfriends

Pandit Ashok Bharathi is married and has sons and daughters. His children are married and they stay in Chennai and Malaysia. He has not revealed much details about his children and other family members.

Physical Appearance

Pandit Ashok Bharathi has a medium built. He stands tall at 5.4 feet and weighs around 70 kgs. He is usually seen with a moustache but does not sport a beard. He has short hair. He appears fit and active even at this age. He pays lot of attention to his diet and eats mostly home cooked food due to health reasons.


Pandit Ashok Bharathi started his career by working for a small company after completing his graduation in Chennai. He was also involved in helping elders in his family with religious ceremonies like pujas and other activities. He became adept in astrology with many years of practice and hard work.

After that, he started his astrological consultation business in Chennai. In the initial stages, he was providing consultation for clients at his office in Chennai. However, as he became popular and started getting more clients, he got good demand from television channels and other social media channels to be part of their astrological consultation programs.

Net Worth

The net worth of Pandit Ashok Bharathi is around $3 million. He is a renowned astrologer and numerologist in Tamil Nadu and has many high profile clients. He earns lot of money through consultation and also has contracts with many television and social media channels. He owns many luxury vehicles and properties in Chennai.

Facts and Information

Pandit Ashok Bharathi currently offers consultation for astrological and numerology-related queries at his Anna Nagar office. As the office has a lot of crowds, many clients book the appointment in advance and wait for his consultation.

Ashok Bharathi’s children also support him in handling the consultation business and they also fix his overseas appointments. Apart from that, they also help him to organize television programs for astrological consultation.

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