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Rinku Jha is a talented and super seductive-looking model, star, actress, and famous social media influencer that operates from the social media platform of Tik Tok. She is well known for her lip-syncing and funny as well as romantic acting videos on the platform. She has a huge following on all of her social media handles including Tik Tok, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. All of her videos go instantly viral on social media as she posts them.

Rinku Jha


Rinku was born on 16th August 1986 in Nepal. She belongs to the Bihar State of India where her ancestral lineage belongs and a Hindu by religion. She is due to celebrate her 36th birthday on 16th August 2022 and currently is aged 35. She currently lives in the city of Jannakpur, Nepal. She knows Methali and Hindi Languages. Her birth date makes her zodiac sign be an LEO. Rinku Jha got her schooling from Local Schools in Bihar, India as well as up to graduation in general arts and humanities.

Family, Husband, Relationship

Rinku Jha has one sister. her father Shailesh has a construction business and her mother Deepti is a housewife. Rinku Jha is married and has 3 children. Her daughter also appears in many of her videos on social media. She has no previous history of any scandal or boyfriends as her previous personal record is clean.

Physical Appearance

Rinku Jha’s height is a decent 5 ft 2 inches (155 cm) with 56 Kg weight (123 lbs.). She has black colored astonishingly attractive eyes which glorify her personality to surreal levels of beauty, with silky black hair. Her figure is also perfectly maintained at 33-28-32 with a perfect bust size that makes her look immensely sexy and seductive.


Rinku burst upon the scene of social media influencing in 2017 through Tik Tok and also make many followers with her talented lip-syncing videos and killer expressions. Her followers grew tenfold every day up until 2020 when the Indian government made a ban on Tik Tok so she lost many followers and converted onto Youtube and made a channel there. She also made an Instagram account and started getting followers on it by making everyday reels. She has more than 100K followers on her social media platforms and growing every day. Her career is booming at the present stage with her followers increasing in the terms of hundreds and thousands in days and weeks.

Net Worth

As she is in social media career and had a dent due to Tik Tok ban when her career was blossoming and her talent and skills were getting in shape, her overall net worth through YouTube, Tik Tok, and Instagram, as well as different marketing and modeling social media influencing campaigns, she is working in, is roughly estimated at around 2 million Indian Rupees with a monthly income of 50-60 thousand Indian rupees which makes it yearly to 0.6 to 0.7 million Indian rupees.

Facts and Information

Some enticing facts and information about Rinku Jha are as follows:

  • She knows Hindi and English very well and speaks fluently
  • She is a staunch Hindu by religion
  • She is learning singing to feature in her social media career.
  • Her maternal side is from the lineage of Chandragupta Maurya.
  • Travelling music and food are her hobbies
  • She is a vegetarian.

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