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Roddur Roy is a well known artist and literary person from Kolkata. He became famous for his controversial art work and literary work in recent years. He was arrested many times for hurting public sentiment through his distorted literary work and art work. Recently, in 2022, he was again arrested for posting derogatory comments on the Chief Minister of West Bengal.

Roddur Roy

Apart from his controversial activities, he has also worked as a novelist, poet and film maker for few years. He is also having a reputation for being a nature activist and has participated in many campaigns to support conservative living. Other than that, he is well known for his surreal and postmodernist art work in Kolkata.


Roddur Roy was born around 1965 in Kolkata region of West Bengal. Roddur Roy’s current age is around 55 years.

Wiki | Biography

Roddur Roy hails from a Bengali family in West Bengal. He was born and brought up in Kolkata and completed his primary education from a local school. He was very active in literary activities even during his school days and was known for his good communication skills. After that, he completed his graduation from Ramnagar College in Mednipur region of Kolkata.

He was a motivated artist who was interested in post modernist art work. However, his career as an artist was not too lucrative and he also worked in the IT consultancy business for few years to support his earnings. He later turned into spiritual activities and started Moxism religion which aimed to promote arts and spirituality among the people to attain salvation.


Roddur Roy belongs to a Bengali family based in Kolkata, West Bengal. His father worked for a private company and his mother is a housewife. He also has siblings. However, the details of his family members are not fully known as Roddur Roy has not mentioned about them in his interviews and public meetings.

Girlfriend, Wife

Roddur Roy is married and stays with his family in Kolkata. He also has a house in Goa. However, he has not revealed much information about his wife and other family members in public.

Physical Appearance

Roddur Roy is seen with a beard most of the time due to his spiritual role. He stands tall at 5.6 feet and weighs around 70 kgs. He is also seen with a cap or covers his hair with a cloth on most public appearances.


Roddur Roy started his career as an artist after completing his graduation. He was also involved in literary works and became a novelist and poet in later years. He has authored the book named And Stella turns a mom. This was in the thriller genre and it also had shades of his spiritual ideology leaning towards arts.

Interestingly, he started preaching spirituality and even founded a religion called Moxism. Roddur Roy aimed to promote it as practice of liberty and peace in the society. He proclaimed that people could attain salvation through arts and spiritual practices. However, his concepts did not appeal to many people.

Net Worth

The net worth of Roddur Roy is around $2 million. He has worked in different positions in the entertainment industry and literary field. He was also involved in IT consultancy business for some time. He has ancestral property in Kolkata. He owns luxury cars and properties in Kolkata and Goa.

Facts and Information

Roddur Roy is popular on Youtube and other social media. He has a channel in Youtube with more than 3 lakh subscribers. Apart from that, he is also having around 5 lakh followers in Facebook.

When the controversy erupted about his video on Mamata Banerjee, Roy took it as a challenge and did not apologize. He even challenged the police to arrest him. However, police took up the case and arrested him from Goa.

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