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Roopesh Shetty is a popular actor in the film industry of Karnataka. He is mainly known for his roles in popular movies of Tulu language. As he hails from the Mangalore belt, he is also well versed in Konkani and has done many films in this language. Apart from that, he has also made his mark in the Kannada film industry in recent years.

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Roopesh is also a model and popular Radio host in Mangalore. Even though he hails from Kerala, the region is very close to Mangalore and he has good connections in the Mangalore film industry. He is famous for his movies Girgit and Nishabda 2. The movie Girgit was also directed by this talented person and it won many awards in different categories.


Roopesh Shetty was born on the 14th of August 1991 in Uppala region of Kasargod, Kerala. Roopesh Shetty’s current age is 31 years.

Wiki | Biography

Roopesh Shetty belongs to Kasargod which is located in Kerala. However, the region is very close to Mangalore and most people speak Kannada and other languages like Tulu and Konkani. Roopesh did his primary education and college from Mangalore and Kasargod region. During this period, he got interested in modeling and started working for few assignments.

As he was very handsome and had a good built, he got selected for many assignments and also caught the attention of film makers in Mangalore. He was able to make his debut in Tulu films as an actor and got good remarks for his performance. Meanwhile, he also worked as a Radio jockey for a local channel in Mangalore.


Roopesh Shetty belongs to a Hindu family based in Kasaragod. He belongs to Bunt caste and his father works as a businessman. Roopesh’s mother is a home maker and he also has siblings in his hometown. However, hte actor has not mentioned much details about his family members.

Girlfriend, Wife

Roopesh Shetty’s relationship status is single. He is currently busy with his film projects and wants to get married after few years. However, there are no rumours about his girlfriend or other relations in the entertainment industry even though he has good female fan following due to his charming looks.

Physical Appearance

Roopesh Shetty is tall and handsome. He has a muscular built and goes to the gym regularly to maintain his fitness. He stands tall at 6 feet and weighs around 90 kgs. He is a model and known for his athletic body. He usually sports a small beard and moustache in his movies and personal life. He has a good fan following for his looks.


Roopesh Shetty was interested in modeling and acting since a young age. He had good height and an attractive personality. His friends and family members encouraged him to take up acting and he started off with Youtube channel. He used to do  small video songs in the local Tulu langauge. This made him famous in the Mangalore belt and he got opportunities to act in Tulu movies.

He was also an anchor for the local radio and television programs in Mangalore. This made him a household name in the coastal Karnataka region. His first film was Dibbana which was made in Tulu langauge. He played the role of a friend to the lead role and got good remarks for his acting skills. However, in 2015, he was able to enter as hero with Ice Cream movie.

Net Worth

The net worth of Roopesh Shetty is around $2 million. He has acted in many movies in Kannada and Tulu films. Apart from that, he also has worked as Radio Jockey and model in Karnataka. He is paid well for his movies and other assignments. He owns properties in Kasargod, Mangalore and other regions. He also has few cars and two-wheelers.

Facts and Information

Roopesh Shetty got into controversy in the Bigg Boss show in the early stage itself. In the second week itself, he had a huge fight with Arjun and it was related to wasting food in the Bigg Boss house.

Roopesh Shetty fans supported him widely during this controversial episode and made different trends about the actor. He has a good fan base in the coastal Karnataka region as he has worked for nearly 10 years in Mangalore.

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