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Sadhika Suresh Menon is one of the most famous child actresses known for her character Aami Uthaman in the hit sitcom Chakkappazham. Her ability to be ever-present on the camera and bring a beautiful sense of earnestness is extraordinary. Sadhika Suresh Menon has created a fandom with over one lakh plus fans on multiple social media platforms and has formed a close connection.

Sadhika Suresh Menon

She is one of the sweetest kids you’ll ever meet, and this bio goes into depth into how she became a heartthrob among people. You will also learn about her favorite things, family, friends, and what makes her so unique as a person.

Biography | Wiki

Sadhika Suresh Menon was born in Kerala, India, on 2 January 2003 to a Hindu family and had an upbringing close to the state’s roots. Her age is currently nine years, and she is currently studying in class 5 in her school. She comes from a Hindu family and regularly takes part in the puja at their house.

Full NameSadhika Suresh Menon
Date of BirthJanuary 2, 2003
Age19 years
Zodiac sign / Sun signNot Known
Famous ForActing
SchoolNot Known
CollegeNot Known
Educational QualificationsNot Known
Years ActiveNA

Family, Boyfriend, Relationships

Her mother and father are the most important people in her life no matter how much she is loved by everyone else, her parents are her whole world. Her family has made many sacrifices and gone through pains will always be grateful for their little princess. All in the effort to make sure that Sadhika Suresh Menon reaches out enough to get what she needs from a loving family environment.

Beyond the close family, Sadhika Suresh Menon is also extremely close to her extended family, comprising her cousin and grandparents. She is a constant bundle of joy in her whole family’s life and keeps them entertained with funny stories.

Sadhika Suresh Menon is too young to have a boyfriend and is surrounded by her friends in school or work. She enjoys the company of friends while they are in school or on the set, having fun. Sadhika looks towards her buddies for simply providing companionship during those late nights when work is hard. She is still exploring new things and having fun with others who understand their interests.

Father NameNot Known
Mother NameNot Known
Siblings NameNot Known


Physical Appearance

Her face is round and fat, with a broad smile that makes her cheeks puff up. Her wavy hair is the color of autumn leaves. Sadhika Suresh Menon has big dimples on each side of her chin when she grins or laughs. The tips of her ears are covered in freckles, but they’re not too noticeable because there’s so much more skin to protect them. She is cute because of her chubbiness and a megawatt smile that can fill up a whole room or screen. Her enthusiasm for everything further enhances her physical appearance.


Sadhika Suresh Menon is a child actress who has achieved a lot in her short career. She has been part of the TV series Chakkappazham and maintains many social media content and videos for several social media channels. 

Sadhika is a pure soul that must be protected at all costs and just one of the sweetest children on tv. Her innocence immediately resonates from the screen, which is that everyone has a lot of love and affection towards her. 

Sadhika Suresh Menon made her big-screen debut with the movie Aaraattu(2022), and all her fans are now excited to see what movies are in store in the future. However, as she is young, there is no career pressure to perform as she is too small; henceforth, everyone around her keeps it light. 

The amount of time she can be on the set is limited, and some people ensure that she is not getting too stressed out. She lives her life like any other child growing up with school, homework, and lots of fun time. Currently, her entertainment career is still more akin to a hobby than anything else. 

She is also growing in the limelight, which can be difficult for many child actors; however, she is strong. Once Sadhika grows up, she’s going to decide whether she wants to continue being an entertainer or not. 

Net Worth

Sadhika Suresh Menon is still dependent on her parents, so there’s not much information on the internet. However, she is in a popular sitcom show and is the biggest star, so her net worth hovers around 1-5 crore. As her popularity grows, she might start being part of advertisements and brand deals that may increase her salary even more.

Facts and Information

  • More than 89k followers follow Sadhika on Instagram, and she regularly posts cute, funny pictures/videos.
  • On Facebook, more than 5k people follow her official page.
  • More than 4.59k followers follow her adventures on youtube and tiny shorts.
  • Her favorite actor is Mohanlal, and she loves to watch all his movies on day-1 of release.
  • Sadhika Suresh Menon is a big animal lover of cute little dogs, kittens, etc. 

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