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Sampat Nehra is a gangster from Punjab and Chandigarh region. He hails from Rajasthan and has an association with Lawrence Bishnoi and other gangsters in many cases. Sampat Nehra is involved in killings and extortion according to police records. He was arrested in 2022 from Hyderabad for involvement in a plot to kill Salman Khan.

Sampat Nehra

According to police reports, he has killed many people in gang wars and extortion cases in a cold-blooded manner. There are nearly 50 cases against him in different states. Sampat Nehra has also spent time in jail earlier for many offenses. He has the support of some corrupt officers and politicians according to sources.


Sampat Nehra was born in 1990 in Rajasthan. Sampat Nehra’s current age is 32 years.

Wiki | Biography

Sampat Nehra was born in Rajasthan and completed his primary education from his hometown. After that, his family moved to Chandigarh and he completed his higher education in this region. He was a student of DAV College and got into criminal activities due to his friends. Sampat is closely associated with gangster Lawrence Bishnoi and his members.

He was involved in many crimes in recent years and he has established the network in Rajasthan and other regions of North India. Sampat Nehra was recently arrested by the police in Hyderabad after he was missing in many cases. He had attempted to kill Salman Khan and the police have arrested him in this case.


He was born in a Bishnoi family based in Rajasthan. Sampat Nehra father name is Ram Chandra Nehra. His father worked with the police department as an ASI. His mother is a homemaker.

Girlfriend, Wife

Currently, He is single. Sampat Nehra has many girlfriends and is known to have relationships with many girls. He also got into trouble many times because of this habit as one of his girlfriends had informed the police about his hideout location.

Physical Appearance

Sampat Nehra stands tall at 5.10 feet and weighs around 80 kgs. He has a good built and used to work in the gym and wrestling ring for many years. He sports a mustache and short beard most of the time.


Sampat was also a professional athlete at one point in his college career. He had maintained his fitness in good form and was a good athlete who participated in various competitions. However, he got involved with gangsters during his college days and learnt to make easy money through crimes.

He was involved in extortion cases and also had many complaints about harassing the business community for money. Apart from that, Sampat Nehra was involved in gang wars and killed many people in this way. The police have been tracing him for many years but he managed to escape due to his network in different states.

Along with Lawrence Bishnoi, he had plotted to kill actor Salman and had even done homework in this regard. He had toured Mumbai and surveyed the home of the actor and planned to eliminate him in public. He had even secured his escape route after the incident and planned to go abroad through his agents.

However, he ran out of luck in 2022 when one of his girlfriends informed police about his hideout location in Hyderabad. He was staying in this city as a common man and told others that he was searching for a job. The police managed to arrest him easily from this location and kept him in jail.

Net Worth

The net worth of Sampat Nehra is around $4 million. He has earned lot of money through criminal activities and is a known gangster in the North Indian belt of Haryana, Punjab and Rajasthan. He owns many luxury vehicles including bullet proof cars and other assets in Rajasthan and Punjab.

Facts and Information

According to police sources, he has direct involvement in about 20 murders in recent years. The killing of singer Moosawala also triggered many other cases and Bishnoi gang had claimed responsibility for the killing.

Interestingly, the gang does not operate secretly and they are open about their crimes on many occasions. They have updated the news on social media in order to create fear among the public about their power.

He is also known to have a weakness for women and this has led to his arrest according to police sources. Sampat Nehra has made lots of money and has a good network among many criminal gangs in North Indian belt.

Interestingly, his father worked for the police department as a sub-inspector for many years. However, he has no connection with the cases of his son in recent years.

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