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Sayani Pradhan is an upcoming actor and social media influencer from Kolkata. She is mainly popular for her videos on Youtube and short reels on Instagram. Due to her attractive face and talent, she has bagged offers to endorse different products. She has already done promotional campaigns for top brands like Samsung, Myntra and ITC.

Sayani Pradhan

Sayani is also a trained dancer and has given many stage performances in Kolkata and other regions of India. She has learnt classical dance in a professional manner from renowned teachers in Kolkata. She also has a masters degree in classical dance and earned good name as a stage artist.


Sayani Pradhan was born on the 29th of November 1999 in Howrah region of Kolkata. Sayani Pradhan’s current age is 23 years.

Wiki | Biography

Sayani Pradhan was born and brought up in Kolkata. Her parents had good interest in music and dance since a young age. Sayani’s elder sister also learnt dance at a young age. This family atmosphere helped her to take up dancing class at a young age. She started learning classical dance since the age of 6 from trained professionals in her hometown.

Sayani completed her primary education from Sasati Nahala Abhinash High School in Howrah. She was active in cultural activities during that period. After that, she joined Rabindra Bharati University which is well known for cultural activities in Kolkata. Sayani managed to study classical dance and completed her masters graduation in this field.


Sayani Pradhan hails from a Hindu family based in Kolkata. Her father Gobinda Pradhan works for a private firm in Kolkata and her mother Suparna Pradhan is a home maker. Her mother was also a dancer in her younger days. Sayani got good encouragement to learn dance along with her sister Sanchari Pradhan at a young age.

Boyfriend, Husband

Sayani Pradhan’s relationship status is single. She is not yet married and very young to consider getting into a relationship. Currently, her focus is on getting success in the entertainment industry. However, there are rumours that she has a boyfriend but she has not revealed any information about such relationships.

Physical Appearance

Sayani Pradhan is known for her cute looks. She has a very good smile and big eyes which are her main assets. She has natural curly hair which she styles in different ways according to the photoshoot. She stands tall at 5.3 feet and weighs around 50 kgs. She goes to the gym to maintain her figure. She is known for her hot photoshoots on social media.


Sayani Pradhan started her career as a social media influencer in the year 2019. She was still doing her masters graduation at that time and learning classical dance in a professional manner. However, she had given many stage shows by this time and had good confidence to face the audience and the camera.

This was a big advantage for her career as she became very famous in Youtube with her dance videos and other vlogs. She managed to gather good subscribers within a short duration of time. As she got very popular she also focused on other social media platforms like Moj, Instagram and Facebook and started posting videos in all of them.

Net Worth

The net worth of Sayani Pradhan is less than $1 million. She is an upcoming model and social media influencer who is trying to get offers from the film and entertainment industry. However, she has already succeeded as a model and got many promotional offers. She has properties in Kolkata and Mumbai. She also owns a car and few two wheelers.

Facts and Information

Most youngsters who are active on social media are familiar with Sayani Pradhan’s short videos. She has good presence in Moj, Instagram and Youtube with lots of subscribers. She keeps her fans engaged with interesting photoshoots and attractive videos.

Sayani was chosen to endorse products from hundreds of companies in the last few years. According to close sources, she charges thousands of rupees for such endorsement deals and earns good money through product promotions.

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