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Sivanarayana MoorthyAKA Pudukotai Narayana Murthy, is no longer with us if you read his biography article. The Tamil entertainment industry has lost one of the most profound actors, comedian, and character actor, who made us laugh, cry and watch a film since Pudukotai Murty was there.

sivanarayana moorthy

 Sivanarayana Moorthy is a multi-talented actor who does comedy by the character he plays in a film. In this way, he does not come under a comedy track, and his role in a movie involves many comedies related to that character. It is how he is different from other actors in Tollywood.

Sivanarayana Moorthy has acted in more than 200 films in Tamil. Know about his personal life, film career, physical appearance, and other facts in this biography article. We advise readers to provide suggestions and feedback to improve ourselves and provide valid information and facts. 


Sivanarayana Moorthy was born on the 5th of March 1955. He died on the 7th of December, 2022. He was 67 years old at the year of his demise. He belonged to the Taurus zodiac sign as per his natal birth chart in western astrology.

Wiki | Biography

Sivanarayana Moorthy was born and brought up in Ponnavarayankottai village of Pudukotai in Thanjavur District in Tamil Nadu. He moved to Madras, or now Chennai, to establish himself in the Tollywood filmdom. He achieved his dreams even though he was not with us.

Sivanarayana Moorthy came to Chennai, where he looked for opportunities in films. He shifted his family later and settled in Chennai. The actor and director Visu introduced him in his movie titled Poonthotam. After, he did many short roles as a comedian and sub roles.

Sivanarayana Moorthy did many good roles instead of taking any opportunities to make a mark in Tollywood. Many directors and actors have mentioned him as a perfect human to work with. Until his death, he did not have any bad remarks from the Tollywood film industry.


Sivanarayana Moorthy is married to Pushpavalli. They have two sons (Lokesh and Ramkumar) and one daughter (Sri Devi). We will update here about his parents and relatives from the film industry later or as and when available. 

Physical Appearance

Sivanarayana Moorthy is a tall and obese person in nature. He has a strong physique and plays the role of a bodybuilder too, in many films. His skin color is dark, and has thick black hair and a police-style mustache. His eye reflects the mush of a drunkard, a villain, and a policeman. He was a soft person even thou his looks were villain-type.


Sivanarayana Moorthy’s debut film was Poonthottam. It was directed by that time hit director Visu. Later he appeared in many Tamil films as a fighter, bodybuilder, or Bayilvan, and did some character roles and police roles mainly. We will update his dark chronicles as and when available.

Yet, he must be noted by filmy critics and Tamilians for the films he acted with leading stars and comedians of his time. They were Unnai Ninaithu as a Policeman in 2002. In 2003, he appeared with actor Vikram in his hit film Saamy. In 2007 he played a vital role in Piragu as Bayilvan Veeramuthu Tamil movie. In 2011, he did Velayudham. In 2015, his acting in Vindhai was mush popular among Tamilians.

Net Worth

Sivanarayana Moorthy is an actor by profession. Before his death in 2022, he acted in 200+ Tamil films. His earnings or income from Tollywood were estimated to be INR 775 crores as of FY 2021. 

Facts and Information

Tamilians much appreciated Sivanarayana Moorthy’s combination with comedians like Vivek and Vadivelu.Sivanarayana Moorthy is a walker and did so to maintain his obese nature.People who watched his film do refer to that film by Sivanarayana Moorthy’s name instead of the heroes and heroines of that film.

It is how his acting was different from others.Sivanarayana Moorthy used to read books, listen to good music and watch multi-lingual movies in his free time.Sivanarayana Moorthy acted with the top 10 stars of Tollywood from 2010 until his death.

He did not encourage his son and daughter to come into the Tamil entertainment industry.

Sivanarayana Moorthy did natural acting.

Madhya Pradesham was his famous dialogue which he said for police belly in a Tamil movie comedy scene.

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