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Ramachandran Ramesh is a renowned chess player from Tamil Nadu. He is a Grand Master level player who has won many international tournaments in the past. Apart from that, he has also played a crucial role as a trainer and has mentored many young chess champions in the country including Bharat Subramanyam and Pragnananda.

Ramachandran Ramesh

Interestingly, Ramesh runs a training institute in Chennai with the name Chess Gurukul. It is also managed by his wife Aarthie Ramaswamy who is also a Grand Master level player. They have together mentored many little champions in the chess field. The training academy was started in the year 2008 after Ramachandran Ramesh retired from playing.


Ramachandran Ramesh was born on the 20th of April 1976 in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Ramachandran Ramesh’s current age is 46 years.

Wiki | Biography

Ramachandran Ramesh belongs to a middle class family based in Chennai. He completed his primary education in Chennai and started playing chess at a young age. He has an elder brother GB Prakash who was a national level player when he was young. This was a big inspiration for Ramesh to take up the game and he got good training from his brother.

Ramesh started playing chess when he was around 12 years old and got good success in the early days. Interestingly, he had first met his wife Aarthie during a chess game. She his about four years younger to Ramesh and was his opponent in a tournament. Interestingly, the 12 year old Aarthie managed to beat him in the game.


Ramachandran Ramesh hails from a Hindu family based in Tamil Nadu. His father worked for a private firm and is now retired. His mother is a home maker. He also has siblings in Chennai. His brother GB Prakash was also a chess player during his younger days and he inspired Ramesh to take up chess at an early age. Apart from this, Ramesh has not revealed much information about his family members. However, it is well known that his parents were very supportive of his career choice since a young age and helped him to attain success in the chess field.

Girlfriend, Wife

Ramachandran Ramesh is married to Aartie Ramaswamy. Interestingly, she is a top chess player and has won the Woman Grand Master title. They are called the first grandmaster couple in the country. The couple got married in the year 2003 and they have a daughter and son living in Chennai. Ramachandran Ramesh’s daughter is also a chess player at the junior level.

Physical Appearance

Ramachandran Ramesh looks very fit and active. He stands tall at 5.10 feet and weighs around 75 kgs. He has a medium built and exercises regularly to maintain his fitness. He has short hairstyle and usually maintains a clean shaven face.


Ramachandran Ramesh started playing chess since the age of 12 in Chennai. In the initial days, he got trained from his brother and this was a good platform for him to become a successful player. He won many tournaments when he was a teenager and had made a good name as a young champion in those days.

When he was around 18 years old, he even started training other younger players. Interestingly, this included his future wife Aarthie who was his student during 1998. At that time, she won the International tournament at the junior level. This made him believe that he could also work as a coach in the long run.

Net Worth

The net worth of Ramachandran Ramesh is around $4 million. He is one of the top coaches in the country and his academy has produced many champions in recent years. He earns a lot of money through his training academy and other projects. He owns a luxury villa in Chennai and many luxury cars.

Facts and Information

Ramachandran Ramesh worked as the coach for the Indian team after retiring as a player. He mentored the team during Olympiad and the team won the first medal for the country during 2014.

The young chess master Pragnananda is one of Ramesh’s top students at Chess Gurukul. He says that the kid is too fast and talented at a young age and works hard for more than 5 hours to train himself.

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